Dress Code

Unstitched Uniform Fabric is issued during admission the same shall be stitched according to the pattern displayed on the notice board before commencement of classes.

Black Shoes compulsory for both boys and girls.

Code of Conduct

  • Every Student shall abide by rules laid down by the college and maintain the dignity and decorum of the college.
  • Students should be present in college before 08.00 AM with full uniform and ID Card.
  • Students and parents should ensure that the fee fixed shall be paid before the due date.
  • Students should neither participate nor encourage indulging in ragging, malpractices during exam or any other activities of the college.
  • Students should ensure the cleanliness of the campus. They shouldn't involve themselves in damaging the college property and create nuisance in the college premises.
  • Parents should closely monitor the students attendance through ipomo message sent by the college.
  • Parents should regularly attend the meetings when called for, and have a review of their wards performance in academic and extra-curricular activities.