There are well equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Electronics and Computer Science Laboratories for acquiring experimental skill for future challenges and research.

Physics Lab

The Physics lab is well-equipped with scientific apparatus to meet the ever growing challenges and drifts of scientific temper globally. Optical and electronic instruments are available to conduct demonstrative experiments.

Chemistry Lab

The department has well trained staff and well equipped laboratory. The laboratory contains required chemicals, glass-wares and other equipments necessary for Pre-University courses. Individual attention is given to the students both in the class room and laboratory.

Biology Lab

Biology is the discourse of life. Life practically prevails in our laboratory. The lab is well furnished and has all the requirement needed to hold practical for students. The lab is provided with a variety of charts, slides, specimen and models.

Electronics Lab

The Department has an independent lab which is well equipped and the required equipments are updated at regular intervals. The lab is sufficient to carry out practical class as well as project work successfully. Provided with individual attention.

Computer Lab

Well equipped computer lab with advanced computer systems provided with local area network, UPS backup and printers. Internet facility is also available to enhance and improve student's skills. One to one student computer ratio is maintained. Additional courses like tally, hardware & networking are conducted at regular intervals.