• As an Institution, at the forefront of Knowledge Enrichment and Dissemination of Knowledge, Catering to the academic needs of students and staff, the library has put in place enormous knowledge resources.

  • The Library is placed in the Ground Floor and a stock of nearly 5000 books, Periodicals, National and International journals, Audio-video materials, etc.

  • The knowledge resource centre also offers online database and internet resources that help project and research work. Trained and experienced library staff assists the faculty and students with point of use instructions, help in fulfilling the thirst for knowledge. The library provides an environment that is both stimulating and relaxing for academic exercise.

  • At present we are using My Campuz Library Software which is developed by the PLV Technologies Private Limited. Our library is fully automated.

  • Working Hours : 08.00 AM to 02.30 PM


  • Display of newspaper clippings on current topics and career/employment

  • Notice board for information display and notification

  • Competitive Books for KPSC, IAS, IBPS, NCC, NDA, UPSC, CAT, SSC etc.

  • Automated library which enables easy accessibility and optimum usage.

  • Reading room, Discussion room and Self-study cubicles exclusively for faculty and students

  • Softcopy of the Question Papers

  • Orientation Programme about the library to the freshers

  • E-Resources orientation to the freshers

Code of Conduct

  • It is mandatory for the students to carry the Identity Card to enter the library and to get books issued

  • The user should check-in/check-out and should sign the register within/out time.

  • The students have to agree to the terms and conditions of the library before obtaining the Identity Card

  • The Identity Card should be kept till the completion of the course and should be compulsorily returned to the library to get the PDC

  • Students have to clear the no dues from the library for the Board Examinations.

Library Rules and Regulation

Issue of books, magazines to members

  • Members are given borrowers tickets to take books and magazines.

  • Books and magazines can be borrowed in exchange of tickets.

  • Current magazines and newspapers are not lent out.

  • Books shall be returned on or before the due date which is normally a fortnight (for 15 days) and they may be renewed for another fortnight if there is no demand.

  • Books should not be lent to others by the borrower. No member shall transfer his/her borrower's tickets to anybody else other than for the purpose of obtaining books for personal use.

  • Only members have the access to the lending section.

  • The member shall be responsible for any book issued against his/her name.

  • Before leaving the counter, the member shall satisfy himself or herself about the good condition of the book. If not inform the Librarian about it otherwise he/she is liable to replace a good copy of the book or pay the cost and other charges.

  • Books can be recalled according to demand.

  • The member may request the Librarian to reserve the book for him/her.

  • Books other than reference books only are generally lent to members.

  • Reference books will not be issued in the name of any one and will not be permitted to be taken outside the library.

  • The number of books and periodicals to be borrowed by a member is limited to the number specified. However the faculty members can obtain additional books and magazines in case they need them for course material or project preparation.

  • No book is issued from the Library without acknowledgement on the book card or requisition for urgent issue.

  • It is compulsory that the head of the Institute, Faculty members, Officers, Members of the staff, Students etc., who have borrowed books, magazines shall return them at the instance of transfer, retirement or end of the course as is applicable. Clearance certificate shall not be issued without this being complied.

  • Normally acts, rules, manuals reports, current periodicals will not be lent outside the library. They may be referred to within the library.

  • Books which are constantly in need will be issued for a period of three days only. It may be further renewed for a period of three days if there is no other demand.

  • Members including Staff, Faculty and Trainees who fail to return the books within due date are liable to pay a fine of Rs. 1.00 per day per book, further they will forfeit the chance of further borrowing of books and magazines.

  • If the borrower damages / loses books / journals, it shall be replaced by him / her only. Where a book / magazine damaged / lost is out of print and cannot be replaced, a penalty up to 2 times the cost of the book / magazine.

  • The time limit for returning the borrowed book is two weeks for members residing within Mysore city and one month for members residing outside Mysore city.

  • No book, periodical or newspaper or any other record shall be taken out of the premises of the library without the knowledge of the librarians.

  • Bonafide members of the library are requested to adhere / follow the Rules and Regulations in the interest of the effective Administration and Smooth functioning of the library.

Library Staff Member

➜ Librarian : Lokesha E.

➜ Attender : Dhananjay D.R.